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Hiring the “wrong people” can be awful, painful, not to mention expensive; turnover, loss of productivity and other frustrations associated with staffing can be stressful.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Smart people know investing in good hiring practices up front will save more than just dollars in the long run.

How would your life be easier if you had a formula, “With the Secret Sauce” for hiring the right people?

I work with executive teams using a tried and true system for selecting strong applicants and putting the best qualified candidates into positions where they can succeed.

You have enough to worry about ...

One of the top responsibilities of a CEO is to recruit, hire, and retain the very best talent for the company. The last thing you need is to be worrying about is whether or not you and your leadership team are hiring the right employees and leading them effectively.

For most Healthcare Leaders, making sure your organization has the right people in the right seats at the table, and doing the right things well can be challenging.

You may think that there isn't a dime's bit of difference between candidates. That just isn't true there is a huge difference in capability and fit when it comes to behavioral competencies including emotional intelligence.

Research shows at least three to 12 times the difference in productivity.   Executive Selection can be hard; it's a bit like buying a used car. Often you don't know what you're getting and you are under pressure to buy.

Many leaders think want their leaders to know how to hire great people.

Hi, I'm Stephen Moulton, the President of Action Insight. Since 1997 we've helped thousands of leaders learn how hire the right employees with about 90% reliability, instead of just 14% reliability using a typical interview approach.

There are a number of interview systems out there, however few combine the behavior and competency based interview systems that achieve the level of success you really want.

Whether you're a CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CMO, CNO or another healthcare leader, one thing is certain - you need to consistently make great Executive Selection decisions - every time - for your organization to both survive and thrive.

So How Do You Hire Great People?

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